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Time and again, I’ve seen wordpress websites that were functional but sadly lacking in one or sometimes several important ingredients:  Design; typography; photography; and client demographic fit.

Some web developers are not trained Graphic Designers,
relying “heavily” on someone else’s template design skills.

The garden variety home web developer has bought a computer, looked at some tutorials on youtube, and said, “yeah sure, I can do that, so now I’m a web developer.”

It would be like buying a large tool kit from Bunnings and saying, “alrighty, now I’m a fully qualified motor mechanic, woohoo!”
Which, of course, would be a completely ridiculous and downright dangerous move to make, and we all know it.

So why do people buy a computer and call themselves Web & Graphic Designers with no formal training whatsoever?
Talent does go some way toward it, but when the going gets tough, and the client starts asking for some tricky design elements, formal intellectual property branding, better typography, print media, or a flavour to suit their particular demographic client audience… well, that’s where it all goes pear shaped.

Business people generally want to stay in business, so getting professional help with their print design and web design is highly advisable.  If a company wants to look coherent and like they know what they’re doing, they need an orchestrated, well designed branding and demographic solution so that customers know exactly what they are all about.

Customers know what they want, and you know your customers.
Real Graphic Designers know how to make the connection.

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