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Live LogoTM

Promote Your Business

Using a combination of state-of-the-art computer graphics and video we can make your business logo shine and capture their attention in seconds.

We will design an Animated version of your logo that will impress your customers and turn your competitors green with envy.

This is a new and more interesting way to introduce your clients to your website.

You can have your professional internet developer install your new Live LogoTM on the desktop/laptop version of your website in the form of a landing page.

A landing page is the first thing online customers will see when they enter your website. You can see an example of a landing page HERE

Let’s face it, you only have seconds to capture some people’s attention in this modern world of “I want it now!”

How do we do it?

The steps involved in creating your Live LogoTM are :

  • First we will make contact with you to get an understanding of your business.
  • Then you will need to supply us a good quality high-resolution copy of your current logo
  • (at least 500 x 500 pixels) in colour as a common JPEG, TIF or EPS image
  • We will think tank the best way to animate your logo and then advise you of how we intend to do it
  • You will have a chance to approve this idea before we start production
  • We create the high definition video animation over a few business days
  • You will then be able to preview your new Live LogoTM online with a special private link before paying for the downloadable version.

What can it be used for?

You will be able to use it on just about any form of media that uses video.


Your Live LogoTM would be most suitable on:

  • Your Website (desktop/laptop version)
  • YouTube
  • FaceBook
  • TV advertising
  • Video point of sale
  • Promotional corporate videos
  • Instructional or Induction video presentations
  • Cinema Advertising
  • Any other media that allows Video display


The animated logo can be supplied to you in any common High-Definition digital video format upon completion and payment.

We asked people how many times they replayed the animated logo, and on average it was around 10 TIMES!!

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