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Next Level Design

We have professional design services that you may not get with your average web developer. Formal training in Typography, Design, Photography, Website Creation, Multimedia and Pre-press is a game-changer.

Website   Multimedia   Print   Branding   Presentation

Level 14 can produce virtually any kind of media for you, including original designs for your company logo, print or display media or website creation including online forms.

Print & Display Media

If you need artwork created for printing such as business cards, letterhead, stationery of any kind, manuals, leaflets or even large format displays like window stickers, vehicle branding, point of sale, menu boards, we are happy to assist. And if you need help finding printers or signage people, just ask us.

Logo Design & Branding

Need corporate branding or logo design? We can assist from first visualisation all the way to giving you a formal intellectual property logo sheet that will be accepted by all IP professionals. Once completed we will also supply you a range of digital logo versions that you can use or send to professional media companies.

Website & Online Forms

Web Design is a necessary evil these days, with more and more companies competing for your client’s attention. Do the right thing and capture it with professional creative design before they do. Online forms are also becoming necessary in this fast paced, inter-connected world we live in.


Good branding for your company or business is super-important. Using a professional to design your brand is money wisely spent. There are numerous factors to address when designing a good logo or brand that can literally make or break a business. Bad branding and the business it promotes don’t usually last very long.

Web Design

Websites can be as unique as you are, but where do you start? Chances are someone in your family told you “they can do it, no probs.” But when designing a website, it should reflect your business branding and suit your client’s particular demographic. This is where formal training in design really shines and the results get your business noticed!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be quite a complex issue for business, with a huge number of marketing people all trying to get your work. Don’t fall for the scammers, we can help you understand how it works and then give you options to deal with it.

Online Form Creation

We can take your company into the 21st Century with online forms that collect not only the data or product sales you need, but also your client’s valuable personal details so you can continue to support and extend your services with them.

Content Strategy

Think-tanking is a hugely valuable function for your business, whether it’s sitting around laughing with a beer and getting creative, or sitting in a boardroom planning major offensives against competitors marketing strategies. Designers are fantastic lateral thinkers and we can find ways to get your business where it needs to be in this mad world.

Need Consulting on Media?

You may need advertising in various publications. You may have to find the right type of printing company or need point of sale displays. You may need to supply editorial or photography to article writers in newspapers or magazines. We can fill a role of media coordinator to source what you need, even if we don’t get to create the media.

The amazing people we work with

Immersion Therapy Service

It was fantastic to work with Pete Wilson, founder of the Immersion Therapy™ service. From initial brand creation to website development and online form systems, Level 14 was there from the start. For more info on their story click on the image above to go to the website.

Elizabeth Williamson Solutions

Building Elizabeth’s website and presentations for her counselling and conflict resolution seminars is a fascinating and very rewarding job. She has helped many businesses and companies deal with conflict resolution and trained their staff to deal with difficult and demanding clients.

Built Electrical & Security

Level 14 assists with the publishing of projects and articles on this site, and occasionally, with their online forms and various print media. Built Services have made an outstanding leap into the future with their own dedicated online form system that keeps all their electrical contractors connected and working efficiently.


Determined2 is the brainchild of Pete Wilson, also founder of Immersion Therapy. Determined2 is a fantastic disability SCUBA workshop for those with major injury or challenges to mobility. D2 brings social and physical engagement to so many who need it. All branding, website, cards, leaflets & trailer signage was done by Level 14.

Let’s Work Together

Living and working in Adelaide, South Australia, we have a long history with printing and digital media locally. If we can’t help you ourselves, we would be happy to consult and offer you coordination for your projects.
  Proud Supporter of Brand SA

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